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Symposium on Research Collaborations between Austria and Australia
Opportunities, Benefits and Risks
Date postponed - Graz University of Technology, Assembly Hall
The Austrian-Australian Society will hold a symposium which will focus on collaboration in research and development in the fields of information technology, engineering and natural science. This event will build on the highly successful ÖAG symposium held in Vienna on 11 October 2018, entitled "Austria and Australia - A Global Relationship in the 21st Century", at which political and economic relations between the two countries were discussed and analysed.


Austria and Australia are geographically far apart, but ongoing free trade negotiations between the EU and Australia are bringing them closer together. Both countries recognise that technological innovations are the key to their future prosperity in an increasingly competitive international economic environment. Both countries see their universities and research institutions as having a crucial role to play in the research and development of innovative technologies.

Austrian and Australian universities and research institutions are already working together in various technological fields. However, there continues to be unrealised potential for further collaboration in areas of current and emerging research strengths and technological capabilities. Exciting opportunities now exist for Austrian and Australian universities to develop new research and development programs and to exchange researchers.

The Symposium will address the following questions:
  • What collaborations in technology-oriented research fields are already taking place and in what forms?
  • What are the incentives for research collaborations, and how do the partners benefit?
  • What are the benefits and risks of collaboration?
  • How can collaborations in research and development between the two countries be expanded and what other possibilities are available?

Austrian-Australian Society / Österreichisch-Australische Gesellschaft (ÖAG) and Graz University of Technology (TUG) in cooperation with the Australian Embassy in Vienna and the Styrian Provincial Government.
Team in alphabetical order:
Gerhard Berka Gerhard Berka
experienced in international projectmanagement (Framework-programmes of European Union), Lectures at the University of Economics in Vienna, trained in logistics and health care management, Ph.D. in sociology and economics.
Reinhard Fleck Reinhard Fleck
experienced lecturer and scientist in information and communication technologies with special focus on secure digitalization and telecommunication, Lectures at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna and at School for higher technical education Ungargasse-Vienna, trained in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Industrial Engineering (Information Technologies).
Christian Gütl Christian Gütl
is associated professor and internationalization coordinator in the faculty CSBME at Graz University of Technology, and has established several research collaborations with universities in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.
Gabriele Weichart Gabriele Weichart
senior lecturer and researcher in social and cultural anthropology at the University of Vienna; guest lecturer and visiting fellow at various universities in Australia and other countries, extensive research experience in Australia and Indonesia; secretary general of the Austrian-Australian Society (ÖAG).

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