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Dear members and friends of the Austrian-Australian Society!

It is a great pleasure to know and work with the Austrian-Australian Society.  The friendship group makes a strong and valuable contribution to strengthening the relationship between our two countries.  In a world in which we are wired up through the internet and ever more accessible air travel, people-to-people contacts, and the Austrian-Australian Society, its management and members, play a major part in the way that nations inter-relate. 

The Austrian-Australian Society includes Austrians who have travelled to, and in many cases lived and worked in, Australia and have developed a particular appreciation of the country. I am impressed by the knowledge of Australia and the interest in its political, economic and cultural development that is evident amongst members of the Society, but can also be found in the Austrian public at large. This is a welcoming environment for an Ambassador to be working in.

Part of the Embassy’s role is to promote exchanges across a wide field of interests, including in the areas of science, education and culture. In all of these areas, there are many opportunities for Australians and Austrians to work together.

I would like to thank President Dr Reinhold Lopatka and Secretary General Dr Gabriele Weichart and their team for their commitment to, and enthusiasm in, promoting Australia in Austria, and am looking forward to working with you.

David Stuart
Australian Ambassador

Ambassador David Stuart was accredited to Austria in September 2012. He is also accredited to the United Nations and to other international organisations based in Vienna, as well as to other countries in Austria’s vicinity. Ambassador Stuart had previous diplomatic postings in the United States, Indonesia and Spain; and at the United Nations in New York. He is married to Ms Anne Marie Ribas, and has three adult children.